Pavlova Banoffe

 ’A dessert you always wanted to make’ Pavlova Banoffee by Foodenyo Even though I've created a lot of desserts in my life as a chef and food blogger, I can't hide that I've always been afraid of this sweet and I failed three times until I presented this perfect result to you! Not only was… Continue reading Pavlova Banoffe


Fudgy Olive Oil Brownie with Hazelnuts

Brownie without butter? What? Why? WHY NOT? Fudgy-licious! I was searcing for a healthier brownie and then, I thought that it could be a great idea to replace butter with Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Oleosophia Extra Virgin Olive Oil . NOT ONLY is a healthier brownie, BUT ALSO a brownie with crispy top, chewy… Continue reading Fudgy Olive Oil Brownie with Hazelnuts


Christmas Menu

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! Today, I have something special for you! I create a complete menu for your Christmas lunch or dinner! Christmas Menu These holidays are gonna be really different for all of us this year! For example, it's the first time for me, after a long time, that I do… Continue reading Christmas Menu


Vegan Cake Pops

These vegan chocolate lollipops will blow your mind! It's so delicious, fancy and healthy that you won't believe it! Our pops are vegan, sugar free & gluten free! What else can you ask for? As It Is in Heaven First time that I made these pops was at 25th of August for FOODENYO'S PARTY ! I wanted to create something… Continue reading Vegan Cake Pops


Churros con Chocolate

My love affair with Churros began in Barcelona! I'm in love with Spain and especially with Barcelona, so when i visited Barcelona i tasted all their sweet & savory treats. But, there is one love for me, and that's Churros! I would like to share with you that love at first bite! So, I made… Continue reading Churros con Chocolate


Vegan Chocolate Shortbreads – Gluten Free

I made these cookies at Valentine's day for first time. Oh my God, they are so easy and delicious and i make them more often. These shortsbreads are vegan, gluten free, chocolatey and crispy! You don't need mixer or kitchen tools, just a bowl and a spoon! I'm sure, you are going to love these… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Shortbreads – Gluten Free


The yummiest brownie

The yummiest brownie?? Yes, it's true! It's so fluffy inside and crispy outside. You can garnish this with vanilla ice cream, or even fresh fruits or with caramel sauce. Whatever you like! If you have the perfect base (this brownie), the garnish doesn't matter. Breakfast with brownie and coffee Ingredients: 240 gr.  unsalted butter, melted and… Continue reading The yummiest brownie