Cooking with love, provides food for the soul.”

Hello dear readers,

I’m Eleni Komnou and I love food. Welcome to my world, FOODENYO!

I am chef, food blogger and sociologist from Greece, I currently live in Berlin, Germany.
Throughout my years being a Sociology student, cooking was always my passion, my psychotherapy. My moto is: Cooking with love, provides food for the soul!

When I finished my studies at Sociology, I started studying at culinary school and working as a cook from 2015. I worked at many restaurants and hotels in Greece. I could never have predicted how much my life would change because of this decision.

One of the most important collaborations at culinary world, is that I’m part of brigade in Presidential Mansion of Athens, Greece.

With my chefs Athanasios Skouras & Vasileios Mpekas and my team at Presidential Mansion of Athens, Greece.
May 2018, Presidential Mansion of Athens, Greece

Moreover, I always loved food photography and blogging, so I thought to create FOODENYO in August 2018. A few months after I started blogging, amazing things started to happen.
I met other people, who are passionate about food like me and we made collaborations together. Also, I became better at writing, developing recipes, food photography, food styling and of course communication!

At Foodenyo, we want to create easy, healthy and tasteful recipes for you. In addition, we are going to recommend you our favourites restaurants from all over the world.
I’ll always be grateful for all the opportunities and friendships that food blogging brought into my life. Thank you for reading FOODENYO. I’m so glad you’re here.

Happy to hear you soon,