Vegan Easter Cookies

Easter is here and yes, it's really different than the last years. So, we should stay at home and protect ourselves, but we’re definitely not holding back on the sweets! We made for you the easiest, vegan, tastefull cookies! Happy Easter Ingredients: 1 cup white sugar1 cup orange juice & zest of 1 orange1 cup… Continue reading Vegan Easter Cookies


Vegan Chocolate Shortbreads – Gluten Free

I made these cookies at Valentine's day for first time. Oh my God, they are so easy and delicious and i make them more often. These shortsbreads are vegan, gluten free, chocolatey and crispy! You don't need mixer or kitchen tools, just a bowl and a spoon! I'm sure, you are going to love these… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Shortbreads – Gluten Free