Arcadia, Peloponnese

Vytina, Dimitsana, Stemnitsa are villages of Arcadia in Peloponnese. Between mountains and gorges, you will find these 3 areas, which are excellent choice for all reason, especially spring and autumn.


Vytina is located at altitude of 1033 metres, on mountain Mainalo, in a verdant area dominated by pines, firs and chestnuts. It is one of the most remarkable mountain resorts in Peloponnese. Attractions, cultural history and fresh local products will give you the ultimate pleausure. I adore fresh local products and villagers of Vytina are the best producers of : cheese (graviera), award-winning honey, fresh pasta, hylopites, traxanas, traditional desserts from local fruits and chestnuts, oregano and of course Greek mountain tea.

Path of Love, Vytina



Dimitsana is built on the ridge of a hill at an altitude of 950 metres. Dimitsana is a beautiful and picturesque area with important attractions, such as: old and new Monastery of Philosopher, as well as the Monastery of Prodromos, located inside the gorge of Lousios. Just outside of settlement is the Open- Air Water Power Museum. The aim of museum is to highlight the old hydropower facilities, which used to be particularly important for the area. In the centre of village, there are plenty of tavernas, pastries with traditional desserts and small cozy bistro for coffee.

At the Open- Air Water Power Museum & at the center of village


Stemnitsa is built in Mainalo and at an altitude of 1080 metres. It’s a traditional greek village with breathtaking view and delicious traditional products. The most important attractions are the ski center of Mainalos, the gorge of Lousios, and the Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa.

Words: @foodenyo

Photography: @nikosramfos

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