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Spring Berries Galette

Spring is upon us, which means berries season is here! I have two loves, spring & baking, so that means, Berries Galette is my favorite dessert! I adore spring, actually being born in spring, so I love all things of this amazing season. Spring for me means love, flowers, fresh fruits, sunny days near to …


Easy Bread from Scratch

The fastest & easiest bread without mixer is here for you! Bread is sanctuary for every family, accompanies the meals of all people and all ages. Also it is the basis of our food pyramid. I adore it. Why? Because, every time i make dough from scratch, i feel like child. Although, it is nothing …


Persimmon & Pear Galette

I am sure that you are wondering, what is galette? The term galette comes from the Norman word gale, which is a term used in French cuisine to identify a flat round cake made of pastry dough or bread. Nowadays, galette is a rustic tart (a nice and easy way to make a crusty buttery …