Greek Walnut Cake

In Greece, we call it ''KARIDOPITA''. Walnut is ''karidi'' and pie is ''pita''. We used to add syrup into our cakes, so cake with syrup is pie for greeks. I know, we (greeks) are crazy! I love this walnut cake, why? Because it's moist and fluffy and i can serve it with ice-cream! Karidopita with… Continue reading Greek Walnut Cake


Churros con Chocolate

My love affair with Churros began in Barcelona! I'm in love with Spain and especially with Barcelona, so when i visited Barcelona i tasted all their sweet & savory treats. But, there is one love for me, and that's Churros! I would like to share with you that love at first bite! So, I made… Continue reading Churros con Chocolate


Energy Balls

These sweet & healthy treats, are gluten free and perfect for snacks and breakfast on the go! It takes few minutes to make them and are filled with good for you ingredients! I have tried plenty of energy balls recipes over the years, but this one, is the master recipe for Energy Balls, along with… Continue reading Energy Balls


Arcadia, Peloponnese

Vytina, Dimitsana, Stemnitsa are villages of Arcadia in Peloponnese. Between mountains and gorges, you will find these 3 areas, which are excellent choice for all reason, especially spring and autumn. Vytina Traditional Products of Vitina Vytina is located at altitude of 1033 metres, on mountain Mainalo, in a verdant area dominated by pines, firs and… Continue reading Arcadia, Peloponnese


Vegan Easter Cookies

Easter is here and yes, it's really different than the last years. So, we should stay at home and protect ourselves, but we’re definitely not holding back on the sweets! We made for you the easiest, vegan, tastefull cookies! Happy Easter Ingredients: 1 cup white sugar1 cup orange juice & zest of 1 orange1 cup… Continue reading Vegan Easter Cookies


Red Vegetable Soup

A soup with red vegetables is so yummy and healthy! Did you know that red vegetables contain antioxidants and vitamins, which are suitable for strengthening our immune system? Red Soup Red peppers: They are low in calories and exceptionally rich in vitamin A & C & Β6 and other antioxidants, making them an excellent addition… Continue reading Red Vegetable Soup


Vegan Banana Bread

The most tasteful bread is BANANA BREAD! My favorite cake, because i love bananas, it's easy to make, it's vegan, it's so healthy and so yummy! Love at the first sight Ingredients: 2 large bananas (ripe and mashed)125 ml almond milk125 ml vegetable oil200 gr. brown sugar15 ml lemon juice300 gr. all purpose flour15 gr.… Continue reading Vegan Banana Bread


Rainbow Pancakes

Colourful pancakes are perfect for a celebratory breakfast or even as a birthday cake alternative! Kids are going to adore them. These are so impressive and delicious! Rainbow Pancakes Ingredients: 135 gr. all purpose flour1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt2 tablespoons white sugar130 ml milk1 egg2 tablespoons melted butterFood colouring: red, yellow, blue and… Continue reading Rainbow Pancakes


Apple & Cinnamon Cake with Salted Caramel

One of the world's favorite desserts is cake. But this is going to be your favorite cake, apple - cinnamon cake with salted caramel! Apple - Cinnamon Cake with Salted Caramel! Ingredients: For cake: 1/2 red applecinammon (i used 2 teaspoons)200 gr. brown sugar125 ml milk125 ml vegetable oil15 gr. baking powder15 gr. baking soda300… Continue reading Apple & Cinnamon Cake with Salted Caramel